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Yes, I achieved what I thought was impossible. …

Photo by Josh Applegate on Unsplash

A pastor at Lexington Catholic Community caused quite a stir when he endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden in his current presidential bid. It even prompted an indirect response from Boston Archdiocese Cardinal Sean O’Malley, who said:

“The Catholic community has the right to expect the priests of the Archdiocese and those entrusted with handing on the faith to be clear and unequivocal on the Church’s teaching concerning respect and protection for life from the first moment of conception to natural death. …

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Like a lot of readers, I enjoy perusing a large publication housed here on Medium called OneZero. …

This post is somewhat late, but I wanted to mention that yesterday was an important day for Christians (especially Catholics) and Muslims alike. It was the Feast of St. Ignatius Loyola and Eid-al-Adha.

St. Ignatius Loyola was a Spanish nobleman born in 1491 to a family of thirteen children. He dreamed of knighthood as a child, but this dream was cut short in a 1591 battle in Paris, when his leg was shattered by a cannon ball. …

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Lately, people have a sour, anxious temperament in light of coronavirus, racial/ethnic injustices, natural disasters, invasive species, and border disputes, just to name a few issues. Indeed, the top of the fold of your newspapers is congested by very grave concerns, and people are naturally worried and combative. But this stress has seeped into too many other aspects of life.

Public figures are getting “cancelled” once again as people bring up disturbing actions from the past. Often they are actions that have already been apologized and accounted for. Still, even though that initial apology was met very warmly and accepted by the majority, in this bizarre limbo stage of society, the apology is brushed aside, and audiences are eager to shun these entertainers and professionals. …

Did this work? Is my story up?


Sheila DeBonis

Boston area artist, writer, admirer, and thinker extraordinaire.

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